EXPECT two things when you ride a taxi in Cagayan de Oro next month: You will be handed with an automated receipt before stepping out of the cab, which is a breeze, or get hassled waiting for “manong driver” to scribble on an ordinary receipt as they do it grocery stores.

This as the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) said it will start monitoring compliance on receipt-issuing taximeters beginning July 1.

Initially, LTFRB said it will impose compliance on taxi units whose plate numbers end in 7 and 0.

LTFRB-Northern Mindanao Assistant Regional Director Sultan Aminoden D. Guro said receipt-issuing meters have been required for taxicabs as early as January this year. Due to appeals from drivers and operators, however, compliance was shelved until the end of the month.

Fetching between P12,000 and P18,000 each, taxi operators can choose to replace the whole meter by purchasing a packaged meter and receipt-printer, or just obtain a receipt-printing device to be plugged to the old meter for P5,000, Guro said.

Compliance is not compulsory for old model-taxicabs, the LTFRB official said. He added that drivers are still mandated to issue handwritten receipts to their passengers.

The receipt must bear the taxicab’s plate number, name of the driver and operator, amount paid by the passenger, and date of the receipt’s issuance.

Guro said those caught not complying with new regulation can be fined from P1,000 to P3,000, while cancellation of franchise will be meted on operators caught for the fourth time.

Metered receipts, he said, will also be a requisite during registration.

Guro said the meter receipt scheme will address the problem of overcharging and contracting being done by some taxi drivers as the vehicles’ license plate will be reflected in the receipts.

Taxi operators earlier questioned the meter receipt scheme before the Court of Appeals but the petition was turned down. The case was elevated to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the government’s new regulation.

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