The latest commercial of LBC featuring actor and popular gameshow host Edu Manzano in a spelling contest is taking criticisms from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board’s (MTRCB). MTRCB had summoned GMA Network, ABS-CBN and ABC, to explain “why they should not be liable for the objectionable public exhibition of the LBC advertisement,” which features a child in a contest incorrectly spelling the word “remittance” as LBC.

The commercial is a corporate gimmickry and thought to be funny for others but I think that it’s an insult to the intelligence of Filipino kids and a mockery to the intellectual potential of the kid.

I remember when I was younger hearing someone in a sari-sari store, “Pabili nga ng Colgate yung Close-up!”, it was even used as a joke in the succeeding years. This is what business people call Branding. Branding in layman’s term is simply being the first product or brand in mind of the consumer. So it should have been toothpaste [common noun] instead of Colgate [proper noun] which is a toothpaste brand. Business owners love this.

This is what the TV commercial of LBC in an attempt for their brand name [LBC] to become the first product or brand in mind whenever people are talking about “remittance”. If you’ve seen the commercial, you’ll notice that Edu Manzano acting as the gameshow host of the advertisement asked a boy to spell the word “remittance” and the boy spelled it as “LBC” which is of course the brand name of LBC. This TV commercial is being requested by some concerned parties to be pulled out for being misleading and improper as children will not understand.

The ad also has a second and third version. In the 2nd version, instead of “remittance”, the child is made to spell “instant” which he answers with ‘LBC”. The 3rd version is “affordable” which is of course spelled as “LBC” by the child.

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