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Feedback By JOE PALLUGNA Updated May 25, 2009 12:00 AM

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Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Constantino "Tinnex" Jaraula
MY good friend mayor Tinnex Jaraula of Cagayan de Oro City is not going to seek reelection in the May 2010. He is set to retire for good and enjoy all his blessings in life. He has successful kids and beautiful grandchildren. He has everything a man could desire. In short, Mayor Tinnex is a very accomplished man.

But there is always something else that a man like Tinnex could do as a fitting finesse, a happy ending, and enduring legacy to the people he loves to serve. He can still do one last magical weave of his stick and do magic in the City of Golden Friendship.


He could make the ‘‘trisikad’’ disappear. Trisikads are three-wheeled vehicles, pedal driven, that ply the city streets with wild abandon.


I have written twice before on this trisikad problem. Everyone seems helpless that frustration gets into the nerves of the city folks. Trisikads create traffic jams, increase the risks of accidents and plainly expose the riding public to accidents of unimaginable magnitude. They are a problem that is difficult to solve.


Except with Mayor Jaraula. He is our only hope and, truth to tell, the only person on earth who could make this problem go away.


Even by an executive order, no need of any ordinance from the city council, Mayor Jaraula can ban the trisikads from all over Cagayan de Oro. With no exception, trisikads should be banned.


As aptly suggested by ex-councilor Noel Beja last week, the city council can enact an appropriation ordinance that would pay off a thousand pesos to all trisikad owners for them to turn in their trisikads to the city government. Then mayor Jaraula can have the trisikads welded together and thrown into Macajalar Bay.


Then, in a couple of years, or at five years maximum, we will have beautiful artificial corral reefs in our shallow seas. It could become a tourist attraction that would generate more jobs for the former trisikad owners and drivers.


What we need is not only political will. We need the gall and the courage of a man like my friend Tinnex.


With no political debts to repay, with no fear of a backlash during election day as he is no longer running for office, with all the sincerity of a man molded into true public service, Mayor Tinnex could do what no one else could do. He can ban the trisikads from the entirety of Cagayan de Oro.


Some people might be angry because they would claim that they lost their only means of income from driving trisikads. The operators would raise hell. Some people living in small subdivisions would have to walk to the gate or to where the jeepneys pass in their routes. But these complaints will soon fade away.


People would always find ways to eke out a living in the post-trisikad era. Those who walked from their houses to the jeepneys stops will find their health improving, their heart healthier and they will rediscover a daily exercise that they have not engaged in before—walking.


And I am very certain that in the end of the day, people would remember the courage and will of Mayor Tinnex Jaraula of having accomplished the seemingly impossible act of ridding Cagayan de Oro of trisikads.


He will be remembered fondly of the peace and safety and the aesthetic image he caused in the last days of his office. He will leave a lasting legacy in the generations to come. A legacy that no other could do. Then he can retire peacefully with the pride that befits the man that he is.


My kudos in advance to my friend Tinnex.


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