Cogon Public Market

Mayor Constantino Jaraula has ordered the city government to construct two elevators at Cogon market.

Jaraula said the construction of the two elevators – one at Vicente Roa street side and the other at Osmeña street side – is to attract customers in going to the market’s third level so that vendors will be enticed to rent space there.

Speaking during yesterday’s (Monday) weekly flag-raising rites, Jaraula also unveiled an ambitious plan to make the two major public markets in the city “as competitive as groceries found in shopping malls.”

Admitting that the Cogon and Carmen markets in their current state are relatively less comfortable for the buying public rather than groceries found in shopping malls, Jaraula said “ang mga tawo karon didto gapamalit sa (naming a few prominent malls). We must lure them back to our public markets.”

Jaraula likewise suggested that to offset the 30 percent reduction of market rental fees starting next month, the city government should lease out advertising awnings or billboards at both Cogon and Carmen markets.

He has already directed his key staff to design the mechanics of this scheme.

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