The Department of Science and Technology Regional Office No. 10 (DOST-10) has successfully completed the requirements for its certification as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2000 effective March 30, 2009.

Among the scope of its functions certified are “Provision of science and technology services, science promotion, science and technology information dissemination and science and technology scholarship.”

The certification has been issued by the Governing Board of the Certification International Philippines, Inc. (CIPI) which is valid until November 14, 2010.

Part of DOST-10’s commitment is to comply with all the requirements to become ISO 9001:2000 by November 15 2010.

As an ISO-certified organization, DOST-10 is required to maintain it’s QMS under ISO 9001:2000, the CI’s condition of certification, including the use of CI’s Certificate of Recognition and Quality Mark.

DOST-10 is the first Regional Line Agency in Region 10 to get this certification and the only agency in the region to be awarded two international accreditations.

The other is PNS ISO-IEC: 17025:2005 for its Regional Standards and Testing Laboratories (RSTL).

DOST-10’s RSTL has recently been tapped as the reference laboratories of DOST in the country.

DOST-10 Regional Director Angelito Alolod said that the certification will become DOST-10’s instrument for enhancing its competitiveness and to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

DOST-10 commits to continually upgrade its competencies to serve not only the people in Region 10 but also those from other regions who wish to access its services.

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