The campaign to make Northern Mindanao as a hub for investment and tourism continues.

This is the message that the Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (ORO Chamber) wants to send to the business community with the conduct of the Oro Business Enterprises Services and Trade (BEST) Expo 2009 on October 8-10, this year.Oro Chamber President Rodolfo I. Meñes said BEST Expo is designed to continue the campaign to promote and enhance the competitiveness of local businesses with Cagayan de Oro as the hub for investment and tourism in the region.

“Now on its 3rd year, the 3-day event will include activities, such as exhibits, business matching and learning sessions to showcase diverse business opportunities, stimulate investments, promote best practices and strengthen existing and potential business ventures,” he said.

Meanwhile, Oro Chamber has organized a public forum on the theme “Finding Alternatives and Solutions to the Impacts of the Global Economic Crisis” on May 28, this year, at the VIP Hotel, this city.

Aimed at facilitating discourse and exchange, among the various stakeholders, of solutions and alternatives to mitigate the impacts of the economic crisis, the activity will be done in collaboration with the Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc. (FSSI), the Freedom from Debt Coalition and MASS-SPECC.

Meñes said the forum will include the following topics: The Global Economic Crisis: Assessment and Response of the National Government,” “Perspective for the Civil Society Sector, Challenges in MSME, Local Government Unit Initiatives, Local Response to Global Economic Challenges, MSME Sector: Surviving on a Period of Crisis, Community Experiences Sailing Though Rough Times and Cooperatives Amidst Economic Crisis.

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