The Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations, Inc. (CREBA) Cagayan de Oro Chapter is organizing the 1st Metro CDO Real Estate Summit in June 26, 2009 with Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala as suggested Keynote Speaker.

CREBA CDO’s primary advocacy is making Metro CDO the new economic hub of VisMin. It shall be developmental in approach in relation with its members, and diplomatic in relation with the government and non-government organizations.

Below are the details of the Summit:

Theme Metro CDO: The Emerging Economic Hub in VizMin
Convenor Office of the City Mayor Constantino Jaraula
Co-presentors CREBA, OroChamber, OroBankers, Promote CDO, SHDA, Filipino-Chinese Chamber
Venue Grand Ballroom, Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club
Date/Time Friday, June 26, 2009 , 10:00am to 4:00pm (tentative)

Suggested Keynote Speaker
Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala


Metro Cagayan de Oro has grown substantially in the last few years. Major land developments and government infrastructure projects have propelled growth in the city to new heights.

There is a felt need, however, to rationalize these various development projects to assure a sustainable real estate growth in the city and its neighboring areas. Private real estate companies, government units, and other stakeholders should work together and come up with a cohesive development strategy and well-coordinated project implementation.

The First Metro CDO Real Estate Summit ‘09 is therefore envisioned as the initial forum and venue for the various stakeholders to articulate their ideas, suggestions and recommendations for a comprehensive plan of action that will provide sustainable development for Cagayan de Oro and its neighboring areas.

Critical Areas for Development

Some critical areas that need to be addressed in the First Metro CDO Real Estate Summit are the following, to wit:

a) updated land use, zoning, and environment
b) policies on real estate tax assessments and zonal valuation
c) land development permit processing
d) coordinated infrastructure program (roads, electricity, water, and telecoms)
e) marketing and promotion of Metro CDO as the Emerging Economic Hub of VizMin.

Other areas may be considered which may be crucial in coming up with a comprehensive development plan to attain real estate development sustainability.

Summit Objectives

1. To gather the top 100 decision makers in CDO and its neighboring areas to formulate a comprehensive strategic plan for a sustainable real estate development in Metro CDO.

2. To identify and present the top pressing issues confronting the real estate stakeholders in the area and to come up with action plans and programs to address these issues.

3. To provide a vehicle for future discussion and deliberation of the various stakeholders for better communication between the private sector and the government.


A series of small group discussions will be conducted prior to the First Metro CDO Real Estate Summit ‘09. At least five subgroups will be formed to tackle the top five critical issues for sustainable development. Each subgroup will be co-chaired by a representative in the private sector and the government. They are tasked to come up with recommendations on how to address various concerns in each group category.

A general body, composed of the various chairmen of each subgroup, will regularly meet to consolidate and rationalize the various outputs of each subgroup, to come up with one consolidated position paper.

The consolidated position paper will then be presented during the First Metro CDO Real Estate Summit.

Expected Participants

We expect to gather the top 100 decision makers in Cagayan de Oro City and its neighboring areas, both from the private and government sectors. In particular, we will invite the following:

a. Elected Officials (City Mayor, Governor, Congressmen, City Councilors)
b. Heads of Government Agencies Related to Real Estate Development
c. Leaders of the Following Private Groups (Oro Chamber, Filipino-Chinese Chamber, Oro Bankers, SHDA, and other business groups)
d. Heads of Major Corporations in the area, universities, hospitals, tourism destinations.
e. Other prime movers in the locality like big landowners and major investors.

It is envisioned that the activity will coincide with the general monthly meeting per business organization. A joint general meeting of the different participating business groups will heighten the summit. And it is expected that the Office of the Mayor Constantino Jaraula that will spearhead this activity.

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