The predecessor of THE STONEWARE POTTERY, INC. was founded in 1994 by Clemens Wirth and Manolo Glema as Glema Stoneware Ceramic Craft Ltd. Co.. In the year 2002, Manolo decided to set up his own ceramic business and left the company. Now this German-Filipino joint venture is a corporation. Like its German mother company TÖPFEREI WIRTH, THE STONEWARE POTTERY, INC. also specializes in high quality stoneware ceramic fired at 1220 C.

The main product lines are kitchenware, tableware and ornamental ceramics. The raw materials — clay and glaze — are imported from Germany.


Because its main target is to serve the needs of the private household and restaurants, the company can assure you that the glaze used is free of lead or other poisonous ingredients. All items are suited to the standard of the modern household and restaurant: They are ovenproof, microwaveproof, and dishwasherproof as well.

As the production process is purely handmade — by free forming on the potter’s wheel and applying the glaze by dipping and firing in an LPG-fired kiln — please take note that the products can vary slightly in size, shape and color. This is the traditional way of making ceramics which gives their products the warm touch of the heart. Each piece has its own characteristics.




When they founded Glema Stoneware in 1994, Manolo and Clemens had already known each other for several years, because Clemens had worked as a consultant in a development aid program for Bulua ceramists. When the shop was transformed into a corporation, Clemens and the employees became its stockholders.

Clemens comes to the Philippines several times a year. He is in charge of medium and long-term decisions concerning the further development of the enterprise and the products, and the further training of THE STONEWARE POTTERY employees in all commercial and technical aspects.

Since its products are handmade, they can vary slightly in size, shape and color. This traditional way of making ceramics gives our products the warm touch of the heart. Each piece has its own characteristics.



The shop of THE STONEWARE POTTERY, INC. is only a few meters from the beach of Bulua.



Throwing is physically very hard, especially for your back. This is why THE STONEWARE POTTERY, INC., in cooperation with a German physical therapist, developed a training program specifically for the muscles involved in throwing. Every day after lunch break, all the staff members take part in these exercises. So, half an hour daily is invested in the health of its staff.



Address: Zone 8, Bulua, 9000 Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.
Phone and Fax: (63-08822) 735603.

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