The ground breaking is scheduled today for the Heritage of Misamis Oriental Monument at Gov. Vicente de Lara Park fronting the Provincial Capitol. It is expected that the monument will soon become a major landmark in Northern Mindanao. 

As explained by its designer and contractor Eduardo Castrillo, the proposed project is “projected to highlight the magnanimity, altruism, and perseverance of the Filipino, and in so doing, inspire unity among our countrymen.”

Castrillo said that the monument will “herald the rich history and aspirations of the citizens of Misamis Oriental” and will “illustrate Misamis Oriental’s history, culture, natural wonders, values, socio-economic aspirations and dynamic transformation,” he added.

The front of the monument will depict the Katipunan during the Spanish Revolt and the Philippine-American War that is personified by Apolinar Velez and Nicolas Capistrano. It will also have the famous natural landmarks and the Cagayan de Oro River and lush rain forest Mountains and terrain, The growing metropolis and the historic Saint Augustine Church, Kagay-an mother with a child signifying culture life of ethnic people and the healthy evolution, Filipino leaders who spearheaded the dynamic growth of the province and The outline of the province’s boundaries.

The Left Side will have the farmers indicating agricultural life of Misamis Oriental, a Muslim Maiden playing an indigenous instrument, early professional settlers from all over the country that contributed to the well-being and progress of the province.

The Right Side will show the noted leaders and statesmen that fostered the growth and gained the pride for Misamis Oriental citizens as they held the highest office in the National Government, the lower side will be the continuation of the Cagayan Rivers and the forests, and Xavier. University

The Back will depict the Early Professionals, Commerce and Industry and the continuation of the Cagayan. River

The sculptured base will display the official seal of Misamis Oriental and the bronze dedicational plaque and marker.

The ground breaking of the project is scheduled today, April 20, 2009 together with the groundbreaking of the Press. Freedom Monument

In his presentation to the Governor, Castrillo said that the monument will have a total land area of Fourteen Meters by Fourteen Meters (14.00Mx14.00M).

The centerpiece will have the following measurements: Height: 6.30 Meters, Width: 4.30 Meters and Length: 4.30 Meters. Each Human Figure is twice life size (2x life size).

The whole sculptural symbols will be hand crafted through constructivism method. The materials to be used are gages number 14 and 16 thick brass sheets, bronze bar framework, steel beams (as main post) and 1” diameter iron bars for connections.

The sculptured base will have a 1” diameter corrugated steel frame and lined system with eye-rips. This shall be the skeletal frame from which concrete will be plastered and formed and finished with colored mosaic tiles. A letter cut out of the artwork’s title is included. A dedicational plaque marker and an engraved seal of Misamis Oriental will be made out of a 1/4” thick brass will also be installed.

The sculpture will have a mild oxidized antique finish to enhance its aesthetic effect. Lighting fixtures will be placed in composition with the sculpture for a dramatic effect. The base will be made of formed concrete with fine tiles and mosaic glass. All materials to be used are natural and are guaranteed to last for centuries with little or no maintenance.

Castrillo has targeted the inauguration or unveiling of the project on January 1, 2010, in time for the province’s celebration of its 80th Anniversary. The Press Freedom Monument is expected to be unveiled a month or two before that.

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