THE Bureau of Customs (BOC) has revised revenue targets of all its collection districts to meet the new 2009 target of P277 billion. The 2009 goal has been adjusted from the previous P317 billion due to the global economic slowdown but is still 9% higher than last year’s P254-billion target. Among 17 collection districts, the Manila International Container Port has the biggest revenue goal of P67.639 billion or 24.4% of the total followed by the Port of Manila with P60.5 billion, accounting for 21.82% of the 2009 target.



The Office of the Commissioner, tasked to collect the tax expenditure fund, was assigned a P32.217-billion collection, 11.62% of the total. The so-called oil ports, Batangas and Limay, will have to collect P48.256 billion (17.41%) and P29.375 (10.60%), respectively. Ninoy Aquino International Airport was given a P17.95-billion target (6.4%); the Port of Cebu, P5.781 billion (2.09%); and Cagayan de Oro, Subic, San Fernando and Davao P4.464 billion, P4.337 billion, P2.9 billion and P2.125 billion, respectively. Clark has a goal of P796 million; Iloilo, P311 million; Tacloban, P280 million; Aparri, P187 million; Legaspi, P60 million; Zamboanga, P40 million; and Surigao, P18 million. BOC’s revenue-generation efforts have been hampered by zero tariffs on all imported articles from Japan resulting from the newly ratified Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement, and the lower take on oil imports, which account for 65% to 70% of the bureau’s annual collections. The bureau also faces lower revenues with the abolition of import duties from wheat and cement. BOC used to collect 7% from wheat imports and 5% from cement.


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